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New "No Parking" signs, targeting a single side of the road, will be added on various streets in TMR starting this summer.

This new signage will prohibit parking at all times on one side of the road. It will will improve traffic flow and facilitate firetruck access, general maintenance and snow removal.

The project counts 21 phases which can be viewed on a plan. Affected streets are in yellow; for each of them, the side with new signage is in red.

As of July 21, new signs have been posted recently (phases 1 to 19 and phase 21) on:

  • Dawson Avenue between Fulton Road and St-Clare Road (even-numbered side)
  • St-Clare Road between Graham Boulevard and Algonquin Avenue (odd-numbered side)

More phases will follow. For more information, please contact our Technical Services Dept.

Technical Services


20 Roosevelt Avenue

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