Before demolishing a building in whole or in part, you must first obtain a demolition permit from our Urban Planning and Inspection Division.

Before granting you that permit, our Demolition Review Committee, which consists of three (3) Council members, will first review your project.

What is considered a demolition?

The act of razing or destroying more than 60% of:

  • the above-ground exterior gross volume of an immovable;
  • the area of the exterior walls of an immovable;
  • the area, projected horizontally, of the roof of an immovable;

A combination of the preceding components, for which the arithmetic sum exceeds one hundred fifty percent (150%), also makes for a demolition.

Complete list of documents and information to be included with a demolition permit application

  • The address of the immovable to be demolished;
  • The technical details needed by the Committee to assess:
    • The condition of the immovable covered by the application;
    • The deterioration of the architectural appearance;
    • The deterioration of the aesthetic character of the neighbourhood or of the quality of life in the neighbourhood;
    • The cost of restoration.
  • The anticipated duration of the work and the anticipated occupancy date for any new immovable;
  • Photos of all façades of the immovable and of surrounding structures;
  • The layout plan showing the current condition of the immovables;
  • The layout plan providing detailed information on the immovable’s location, the land use ratio, trees to be preserved and to be felled, sidewalks, driveways and patios to be build or added;
  • The streetscape and the principal façade of immovables located on each side of the lot, revealing their current and planned integration;
  • Reasons for the demolition and supporting documents;
  • The program for reuse of the vacated land;
  • Preservation of the community’s character, the appearance and specific character of the three areas of implementation corresponding to the three phases of forming the Town’s urban fabric, pursuant to By-law No. 1317 concerning Layout plans and architectural integration (PIIA);
  • A report from a test or inspection engineer on the immovable to be demolished;
  • A favourable opinion signed by the neighbours;
  • Any other information relevant to an informed understanding of the application.

Learn more

Our By-law No. 1435 Governing the Demolition of Immovables details all the steps in obtaining your demolition permit and explains the path your application will follow.