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Mount Royal, August 24, 2020 – At its August 24 meeting, Town Council announced that the Sports and Community Centre project would be enhanced to include underground parking facilities. This major improvement is made possible through a substantial commitment from the Rossy Foundation. Construction of the indoor lot, which will include over 110 spaces, is set to begin this fall. The new underground parking lot will connect the Town Hall and the future Sports and Community Centre.

The Rossy Foundation, established by Cookie and Larry Rossy, saw an opportunity to contribute to a project that will benefit members of the Mount Royal community by facilitating access to the buildings for as many people as possible. As Mount Royal residents, the Rossy family has already shown its devotion to the local community by gifting the Town the Man and His Community sculpture. The commemorative work by Lebanese sculptor Anachar Basbous was unveiled at Connaught Park in 2011 in honour of the late Mayor Vera Danyluk.

Councillor Michelle Setlakwe, a leading figure on the Sports and Community Centre project, shares the Town’s profound gratitude toward the Rossy Foundation. “The new Sports and Community Centre is a complex and costly undertaking that required the Town to make some decisions. The high costs of building an indoor parking facility meant this option was initially ruled out. On behalf of all of our fellow Townies, we would like to thank the Rossy Foundation for this generous gesture, which the entire Mount Royal community will benefit from,” she said.

The commitment from the Rossy Foundation could also kick-start a widespread fundraising campaign involving the entire Mount Royal community. “Many families have indicated their desire to contribute to the construction of the Sports and Community Centre. The Rossy Foundation’s gesture is an inspiring one, and the next few months could see a general call for donations. It’s something to watch out for,” added Councillor Setlakwe.

As construction of the underground parking gets underway, the call for tenders to builders for the main building will open this fall. If everything goes according to plan, the winning firm should be known by the end of the year.

“Hundreds of residents have already invested their time and ideas into the project for the new centre and while the pandemic caused an administrative delay this spring, it is now back on track,” said Mayor Roy.

About the Rossy Foundation

Established in 2004, the Rossy Foundation is committed to supporting the vibrancy of Montreal, Quebec and Canada. Its mission is to contribute to civil society and to improve the lives of citizens with a focus on cancer care, mental health, civic engagement, education and the arts.