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The Town of Mount Royal, through the company Simo Management Inc., carried out the rinsing of the Town’s water main system starting September 8, 2019 in the western part of the municipality, i.e. between the train tracks and Décarie Boulevard.

The occasional use of unidirectional rinsing is necessary in order to maintain our water mains in good condition and to ensure the quality of our water. Work will take approximately four weeks to complete but each address will be affected for one night only.

Work progress map

Keep abreast with our PDF map, which will be updated regularly to let you follow the rinsing progress.

Work schedule

In order to minimize any inconveniences, work will be carried out overnight, from 21:00 to 6:00. There may be a slight drop in water pressure in your home as well as a reddish coloration of the water. This coloration may cause a few inconveniences, however it is not hazardous to your health.

Colored water?

We recommend that residents check the water coloration the morning after the work is done. Should there be any coloration, open your cold water taps and let the water run until it is clear. Please remember to do this verification before using any appliance that uses water, to avoid any damages.

While working in your area, we advise all residents within the affected sector to limit their water usage and to turn off all water-supplied appliances to prevent any damage: ice maker, washer, dishwasher, coffee machine etc.

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