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Mount Royal, August 27, 2012 – It is with great pleasure that Mayor Philippe Roy launched Selwood Road reconstruction work. Long awaited, the work is the result of meetings with residents in the area. The objective of such work is to reconstruct the street as well as to install a green strip, which will eventually reduce the noise from de l’Acadie Boulevard and visually enhance the area.

« Neighbourhood citizens have, on several occasions, expressed their concerns regarding the inconveniences associated with de l’Acadie Boulevard. The reconstruction of Selwood Road, rarely used, was an ideal opportunity to take concrete action to improve the quality of living in the area » Mayor Roy stated.

By the end of the work, to be carried out over two years, Selwood Road will become one way southbound, between Sloane and Vivian, and northbound, between Lockhart and Vivian. The road corridor will then be narrowed to allow for a strip of land on which the Town will plant deciduous and coniferous trees. It should be noted that this is not a linear park but a densely planted green strip that will lessen the noise and visual nuisances from de l’Acadie Boulevard. The landscape design will incorporate species such as the northern red oak, honey locust, ginkgo, blue Colorado spruce and black pine.

These changes arise especially out of a consultation with area residents in October 2011.