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The information below is provided to the Town by the REM or its partners.

When: From May 7 to the 15, 7am to 22pm*
Where: Canora and Mont-Royal stations

REM representatives will be present at Parc Canin Montgomery this evening from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. to explain the situation of the work during the night of May 7 to 8.


Construction work on the westbound track of the future Canora and Mont-Royal stations is entering an important phase for the transfer of the EXO train service on May 21. Some work will be done alternating between the stations, while other work will be done simultaneously. Work must be done to reinstall the rails on the Western side of the tracks in order to maintain train service and switch traffic to the Western side on May 21. Most activities will be executed during the day and in the evening to ensure that the Deux-Montagnes commuter train line is in serviceon the morning of May 21.


The schedule below may vary according to weather conditions and work progress*.
The sequence of work should be similar for the both the Canora and Mont-Royal stations.

Calendar Work

May 7 to 8

Delivery and storage of material

Night of May 7 to 8
(1:15 to 4:30 a.m.)

Relocation and positioning of rails
This activity must exceptionally be performed at night, without overhead power on the railway, in order to ensure proper safety of the workers and infrastructure.
These, very isolated, works may only be done in this timeframe when the trains are not in operation and may intermittently generate higher noise levels.

May 8 to 10

Installation of track ties (manually)

Installation and anchoring of tracks

May 10 to 12

Installation, leveling and compression of ballast (stone bedding)



The REM project office and NouvLR partnership’s goal is to mitigate impact on surrounding residents and ensure everyone’s safety by implementing all appropriate measures.

This work will generate noise, vibration, dust and trucking. Mitigation measures will be implemented to mitigate impacts at the source (acoustic enclosures, low-noise equipment, white noise vehicle alarms). In order to ensure the project’s noise, vibration and air quality targets are met, monitoring by environmental experts will take place throughout the work.

Light towers may be necessary to ensure the workers’ safety during evening shifts.

Some of the work will require truck traffic in the neighbourhood; long-term traffic pattern changes are also in place to minimize construction traffic and secure the construction zones. Flaggers located around the perimeter of the construction site will ensure pedestrian safety.


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