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Town of Mount Royal, January 11, 2008 – The Mayor of the Town of Mount Royal, Vera Danyluk, is delighted about all of the sudden attention being paid to information obtained by certain Montreal dailies, to the effect that documents circulating in the direction of the Montreal Executive Committee shed light on of the actual level of decay of the Rockland Overpass. According to those documents, the condition of the overpass would justify a load restriction, even if just for preventive purposes, until substantial repairs could be completed on the entire structure.

Given the deplorable state of certain sections of the overpass in spite of partial repairs that were recently made, Mount Royal has been advocating for quite some time now that heavy vehicles should be prohibited and the idea has been the object of repeated requests for months. But it is the City of Montreal that is responsible for the maintenance of the structure and it has the final say. So far, buses and heavy trucks are still driving over it.

"After first demanding that the Rockland Overpass be closed for a complete inspection following the collapse of the de la Concorde Overpass, our engineers then had to frequently insist on making sure that user safety be properly protected until the appropriate measures were taken to repair the Rockland Overpass. It’s a shame that for several aspects of this file, opinions seem to diverge systematically between the City of Montreal’s professionals and ours, Mrs. Danyluk points out. Even if some repairs were made in the fall, so far we still have not had critical repair work done on the southbound section of the structure. As a result, safety risks are just as high as they were at the start."

In 2007, the intervention of Mount Royal teams already prevented the premature reopening of a lane that was blocked off because of major damage, and discarded simple paving as a temporary solution to the damage discovered on the overpass concrete, leaving the reinforcement exposed in a traffic lane.

"We are trying to influence the course of events as much as possible, but we remain concerned about Montreal’s position in this matter. The information revealed today in the dailies fully supports our opinion concerning the overpass", concluded Mrs. Danyluk.