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Demolition and reconstruction of the new Jean-Talon Bridge

"Work progresses on the existing Jean-Talon Bridge in order to completely demolish and rebuild the bridge, due to its extremely poor condition. Work will be performed in phases over a two-year period, in order to maintain one lane always opened to traffic in both directions on the bridge, as well as pedestrian traffic."

Read it from the source: https://rem.info/en/works-info/reconstruction-jean-talon-bridge

Demolition and reconstruction of the CP railway bridge

"In winter 2021, work will begin along Jean-Talon Street West to rebuild the bridge on which the Canadian Pacific (CP) railway tracks are located. Situated at the exit of the Mont-Royal Tunnel, the bridge needs to be modified to make it compatible with the future passage of the REM. Before building the new bridge, the first phase of the work consists in installing a temporary bridge to maintain train traffic throughout the construction period. The temporary bridge will be positioned at the level of the existing tracks."

Read it from the source: https://rem.info/en/works-info/cp-railway-bridge

Excavation and transport of material through the former Portal-Heights station

"As of March 2021, the excavated material will then also be transported by diesel trains within the railway right-of-way between the future Canora station and the future REM Côte-de-Liesse station."

Read it from the source: https://rem.info/en/works-info/portal-heights