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Date: January to April 2020, From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.*
Where: Lazard - Jasper intersection

Nature of work: 

A temporary pedestrian bridge will be installed close to but north of the existing pedestrian level crossing at the Lazard-Jasper intersection to facilitate East-West access for pedestrians and school children in the area during construction. 
While this temporary bridge will not be universally accessible, people with reduced mobility or families with bicycles and strollers will be able to cross the city using the Graham bridge, which is located less than 400 metres from the Lazard-Jasper crossing.

The approximate location of the pedestrian bridge is shown opposite.

Work sequence:

The schedule below may vary according to weather conditions and work progress.

* Work before and after this time period may be necessary to mobilize and demobilize equipment required for the work and to clean up the site, to ensure that morning train service is restored on schedule.


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