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Kenaston Avenue: rehabilitation of the watermain

Between Lucerne and Kenilworth, from June 3 to July 16.

The work will be done without excavation except for the access traps. A liner will be inserted into the watermain from these access traps.

Houses will see their water supply connected to a temporary watermain during the work. As we transfer to and from the temporary surface watermain, residents may see their water supply interrupted for a few hours. A written notice will be distributed 24 hours prior to any water service interruption.

Graham Boulevard: rehabilitation of sewers

Between Rockland and Markham and between Simcoe and Lockhart, from June 3 to the 21.

The work will be done without excavation. A liner will be inserted into the sewer from the existing manholes.

In order to install the liner, some houses' connection to the municipal sewer service will have be temporarily sealed for a few hours. During this period, it will be essential to avoid discharging water into the sewers (for example, by flushing toilets) to reduce the risk of backflow. A door sign will be distributed by the contractor 48 hours previous the work scheduled to confirm the date, time and exact duration of the interruption.

Andréa Delisle

Project engineer

40 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z4