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In 2021, our special collection of branches will start on Thursday, April 8 and should end by October 28.

How do I dispose of branches?

  • Fill out our online form before Wednesday at noon.
  • Branches must be placed next to the sidewalk, with the cut section facing the street, after 19:00 on the evening before collection day or before 7:00 on collection day. 

Only branches that meet the following conditions will be picked up free of charge:

  • Branches between 2.5 cm (1'') and 15 cm (6'') in diameter;
  • The quantity is limited to five 2.5 m (8') long branches or a volume of branches equivalent to 60 cm (2') x 60 cm (2') x 2.5 m (8').

Outside of the period spanning from early April through late September, in reasonable quantity, small branches can be added to the yard trimmings or kitchen waste collection bins.

Note: Oversized branches and large numbers of branches are not picked up by the Town, and neither are roots, stumps or tree trunks. To get rid of them, property owners must contract the services of a private company, at their own expense.