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In the 19 Montreal boroughs

The city of Montreal has a wood-heating by-law governing the use of this type of combustible solid material within the city limits. This by-law does not apply to Town of Mount Royal.

In Town of Mount Royal

In Mount Royal, it is By-law No. 1424, which aims to reduce polluting emissions and maintain air quality, that applies. Under the by-law, Townies whose homes already had a fireplace or solid fuel-burning appliance on January 25, 2017, can continue to use it.

However, the by-law prohibits the installation of a new solid fuel-burning fireplace or appliance or the replacement of an existing fireplace or appliance after that date unless it is a fireplace or appliance certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as having an atmospheric emission rate of fine particulate matter equal to or less than 2.5 g/h.

It should also be noted that existing solid fuel-burning space heaters may not be used when a smog alert is in effect for the Montreal region.

Appliances that use natural gas, propane or electricity are not affected by By-law No. 1424.




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