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The information below is relayed from the neighbourhood watch committee, a collaborative effort of residents with the SPVM - Local Police Station #24 - and the Town's Public Security.

The holidays are fast approaching. We care about the neighbourhood watch committee and we are currently working hard to continually improve it.

Here is some advice to make your property more secure before you leave on vacation :

  1. Ensure your property looks lived in by installing motion activated exterior lighting.
  2. Properly store all garden equipment, bicycles and tools in a locked garden shed. Mostly, don't leave ladders outside. Don't leave a table, BBQ od patio stones against a wall to help somebody climb.
  3. Trim vegetation in order that your windows can be seen.
  4. Suspend newspaper and mail delivery and ask a neighbor to pick up leftover items.
  5. Ask your neighbours to regularly inspect the outside grounds around your property, to move your car occasionally or to park their vehicle in your driveway and clear snow from your entrance.
  6. Activate your alarm system and make sure all windows and doors are well locked.

Additionally, you can join the free property safety inspection program when you are away by contacting the Town of Mount-Royal Public Security service by calling 514-737-4666.

In closing, may we remind you that if you are a victim or witness a burglary or if you notice prowlers in your neighbourhood, call 9-1-1 immediately. Provide a description, license plate number and escape route of the burglar(s). Do not move any object before the police arrive.

(Source : SPVM - Poste de quartier #24)

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