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Construction work on the new sports and community complex in Mount Royal will begin in early 2020. Initially planned for September 2019, the relocation of the activities and offices of the Recreation, Culture and Community Activities Department will therefore take place only in January.

For more information: complexe.sportif@ville.mont-royal.qc.ca.

An improved project

The complex project continues to evolve and improve. Not only does it now provide for the demolition of the existing recreational centre instead of its renovation, but it also includes some important environmental measures such as the use of geothermal energy and the presence of a green roof on 40% of the surface area of the new building.

The indoor pool area now has three basins: aside from an eight-lane pool and a water play area for kids, as originally planned, the complex will also boast a third basin, i.e. a warm-up and educational pool.

An update on costs and financing

The progressive improvement of the project and the passage of years saw construction costs and professional fees increase.

On page 5, the agenda of Town Council’s August 19, 2019 regular meeting detailed the updated budget for the project. The same document also shows the increasing importance of private contributions in the financing of the project, which rallies TMR families.

The total value of the sports and community complex project is now $48.6 million.

Call for tenders at the end of 2019

The Town plans to call for tenders for the construction of the complex in late 2019, award the contract in February-March 2020 and begin construction in March-April 2020.

An initial call for tenders in the spring of 2018 had seen the Town select the Poirier Fontaine/Riopel Architects consortium to prepare the plans and specifications for the complex.