• Sports and Recreation

Mount Royal, October 25, 2006 – Mrs. Erin Kennedy and Mr. Fouad Sahyoun, Town Councillors and co-chairs of the Committee for Culture, Sports, Recreation and Community Services, unveiled today the highlights of a recently requested extensive telephone survey concerning recreation services. The survey was conducted by CROP.

The main goal of the survey was to characterize current and future use of Town recreation services. The survey also hoped to pinpoint the various clienteles and their respective priorities, both in terms of programming of activities and investment in infrastructures.

The overall approach is an initiative of the Recreation Department management and one thousand local households were surveyed between September 19 and October 5, 2006. For reasons of representation, Mr. Sahyoun and Mrs. Kennedy preferred this broader telephone survey formula, almost providing it with the status of a census, rather than a more traditional smaller-ranging survey. Also, the essential part of the survey questions were in the form of open questions, meaning that there was no choice of answers, thus maintaining the spontaneity and authenticity of the answers provided by the respondents.

Those precautions paid off, as the telephone survey concerning Mount Royal’s recreation services today shows both a margin of error and a confidence interval that are exemplary, along with enabling a finer segmentation of the various clienteles, which would not have been possible with a regular survey.

Among the expectations of all Town residents concerning recreation services, special attention will be paid to households that have been established for five years or less in our area, and a large part of that data will be used to determine long-range programming and investment forecasts involving recreation.

Several significant results were obtained as a result of this survey. The following points are at the top of the list:

  • The various parks (62 %), the indoor swimming pool at École Pierre Laporte (54 %) along with the arena (44 %) are the recreation facilities most spontaneously mentioned by respondents when asked to name all those that they are aware of in Mount Royal; this is what’s known as spontaneous recall.
  • More concretely, the parks (42 %), the swimming pool (36 %) and the library (25 %) are the most frequented facilities.
  • Over two-thirds (68 %) of residents have taken part in the Town’s recreation, cultural and sports activities programs over the past 12 months.
  • Of all the activities that respondents and their family have taken part in over the past 12 months, sports activities top the list (42 %), followed by classes and training (14 %), library activities (14 %) and cultural activities programs (13 %). The intention of residents to take part in recreation, cultural and sports activities over the next 12 months shows the same trends and preferences as for the past 12 months.
  • Brochures and other Recreation Department publications make up – and by far (76 %) – the most valuable sources of information used to keep up to date on sports and cultural activities being offered locally.
  • A reflection of the times, online registration has become the most ardently wanted method of registration (53 %) by those taking part in various recreation activities. However, Mount Royal seniors continue to enjoy the quality of service at the counter and strongly prefer to register for the various activities in person.
  • The library enjoys a high rate of use (77 %) by respondents. Of that number, 38 % point out that they use the library on a regular basis.
  • Among the priorities of action brought out by respondents, investments for better access to an indoor pool (20 %) and for enlarging the library (17 %) top the list.
  • 57 % of respondents say that they are in favour of building a community centre for arts and culture. If such a centre were to open, 60 % of respondents intend to frequent it.

We should point out that the final report on the survey will be submitted to Council at the October 30 meeting and that the document will then become public. The statistics revealed above as well as all other details contained in the report will enable to continue to position recreation, cultural and sports activities as elements that bring the Mount Royal community together, both now and for many years to come.