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Mount Royal, July 10, 2012 – Each year, Townies, like all Quebecers, welcome the arrival of summer with open arms. And yet, as the headlines remind us, no sooner does the season begin than the warm weather and return of aquatic activities bring a sad toll of drownings at homes and other swimming spots.

Town of Mount Royal reminds its residents of the importance of adult supervision at all times near swimming and wading pools, one of several precautions that form the basic rules of water safety.

It is also important to strictly control access to home swimming pools. In particular, the provincial government’s Residential Swimming Pool Safety Regulation requires that an enclosure be installed around all above-ground, in-ground and semi in-ground pools.

“It is the responsibility of all pool owners to ensure that their pool is inaccessible to children in the neighbourhood and that any youngsters in the vicinity of the pool are adequately supervised,” said Town of Mount Royal mayor Philippe Roy.

The Town encourages all its residents to visit the mapiscinesecuritaire.com website (in French only) to evaluate the safety of their pool, get many useful tips and even take advantage of a courtesy home inspection offered free of charge by experts.

Protect your loved ones: make your pool safe now!