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In the photo: Christian Vermette, General Manager of BIXI Montréal, Philippe Roy, Mayor of Mont-Royal and Ava Couch, Town Manager.


The Town of Mount Royal is pleased to announce the arrival of the BIXI bike-share service within its territory. This year, the Town purchased two stations for a total of 42 docking points and 20 bikes. Additional stations will be added in 2020. 

Mount Royal added BIXI to its 2017 urban plan with the desire to enhance its bicycle network and link it with Montreal’s to improve the active routes leading to commercial centres. “We want to encourage active means of transportation, which is guaranteed to have a positive impact on Townie health and on our environment by reducing the number of cars on the road,” said Philippe Roy, Mayor of Mount Royal.

“As we continue to optimize the BIXI network, it’s only natural that we forge a link between our active mode of transportation and the Town of Mount Royal. We are proud of this collaboration as it promotes the integration of healthy habits into our daily lives. I hope Townies will take advantage of BIXI’s arrival to discover this convenient, environmentally friendly, and incredibly cost-effective mode of urban transportation,” added Christian Vermet, CEO of BIXI Montréal.

To extend the existing network effectively, the following two public locations were selected for the new BIXI stations:

•           On Graham Boulevard near the Jean-Talon Street intersection
•           In front of the Sajo building, located at 1320 Graham Boulevard

BIXI uses a modular system that is wireless and solar-powered.

In 2019, there are terminals in 16 boroughs of Montréal as well as in the cities of Longueuil and Westmount with more than 600 stations, 7,250 bicycles and 14,500 docking points. Its expansion in 2019 now includes the Town of Mount Royal, which in 2018 already counted 112 active annual BIXI members among its citizens.