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Inspired by recent reflections on urban agriculture, the Town of Mount Royal is announcing a project that aims to enrich our living environment by promoting vegetable gardening. The goal is not to achieve food sufficiency or to replace large grocery chains and restaurants, but rather to help citizens build a closer relationship with the food they eat. Recent pandemic-related events have put stress on our food distribution networks, leading to questions about the source and quality of our food.

In light of many benefits and in response to a citizen request, the Town has decided to create an urban agriculture policy. The Town of Mount Royal intends to provide its citizens with the tools they need to increase their quality of life, food independence and resilience to climate change.

One of the first steps in the creation of this urban agriculture policy is to hear residents' opinions on the subject and to address various issues such as year-round agriculture, rooftop gardens, edible flowerbeds and gardening incentives.  An explanatory document is available online and residents interested in commenting on the project are invited to complete a short online survey.