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Real action to respond to the climate emergency

Always seeking to do more and better in its response to the climate emergency, Mount Royal announces a series of new measures to protect the environment in a sustainable development vision.

TMR will ban oil heating in the Town beginning in 2025. It will also tighten restrictions on wood heating, build a new sports and community complex with one of the largest green roofs in Quebec, will create a new dedicated fund to be used for its projects related to climate change, and consider banning circulars, including the well-known Publisacs, from being distributed within the Town limits.

“The fight against climate change is now part of everybody’s reality,” explained Philippe Roy, mayor of Town of Mount Royal. “This has repercussions for all our daily actions. As a public organization, the Town has the duty to act with residents in order to redouble our efforts, reduce climate change and support sustainable development.”

A new by-law will soon signal the end of oil heating in the Town’s residential zone. Installing an oil heating device in new buildings and in homes undergoing major renovations will be banned effective 2020. As for existing devices, owners will have until 2025 to convert their current heating system to a source other than oil. 

Converting heating systems to cleaner energy qualifies for government grants, including those available through Transition Québec’s Rénoclimat program, which was recently extended to March 31, 2021.

“Mount Royal joins the City of Montréal, which made a similar announcement last week.” Mayor Roy noted. “For us, environmental protection means focusing not only on public- and private-sector facilities but also on people’s behaviour.”

The mayor also announced that the Town will start converting the last oil heating system in a municipal building in the coming months.

Real action

The new sports and community centre, construction of which will begin in the coming months, provides a perfect example of Mount Royal’s sustainable development aims. Relying on geothermics for heating and cooling, it will also have a huge green roof, one of the largest in Quebec, with a surface area of 2,415 m2 (26,000 square feet) or nearly 40% of the complex’s total surface area.

As for wood heating, the Town plans to ban the use of all wood-burning stoves and fireplaces whose emissions exceed 2.5 grams/hour of fine particulate matter. Mount Royal will become the third city in Quebec to do so, after Montreal and Dorval. The draft by-law will be presented this evening at the municipal council meeting.

Lastly, regarding Town of Mount Royal intends to better regulate the door-to-door distribution of circulars, including Publisacs, by reversing how it is done. In the future, distribution will be banned to all addresses unless the owner or lessee has paced a sticker allowing it on his or her mailbox.

“This is a first step,” Mayor Roy added. “In concert with our residents and following the example of several other towns and cities, we will also look at the possibility of simply banning distribution outright.”

A new fund dedicated to projects to counter climate change will also be set up to support various initiatives promoting sustainable development.

The removal of water bottles from municipal vending machines and the gradual replacement of drinking fountains in government buildings with ones that make it easy to refill reusable bottles are also part of the actions planned for the coming months in an effort to help preserve this natural resource.

“Every day, unsettling natural events remind us that climate change is under way,” Mayor Roy declared. “Real action is urgently required to lessen the dramatic impact on current and future generations.”