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While the international community is increasingly committed to addressing climate and environmental issues, the Town is also doing its part by offering its residents monthly suggestions as simple as they are practical. The goal is to help us – collectively and individually – reduce our ecological footprint.

For the January 2019 publication, the first in the series, the Town focuses on the recycling of electronic devices.

To see our monthly tips, visit: 12 Ecology Tips for 2019.

This series of tips (including useful addresses, when appropriate) is in keeping with the Town of Mount Royal Sustainable Development Plan (2016), which the Town uses as a basis for coordinating several of its green initiatives. These initiatives include the various year-round and seasonal collection services, which most Townies actively take part in.

When you think about it, the actions we take to protect the environment often boil down to making relatively minor adjustments. The trick, of course, is not only to make the adjustments but also to stick with them. Every small action we take is a gain for the planet… and for all who live on it!

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