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The 2,500 $30 gift certificates earmarked for the “In TMR, We Buy Local!” campaign were snatched up thanks to the extraordinary generosity of the residents! As a result, the goal was reached, and $75,000 will be distributed among local participating businesses based on sales to citizens. On top of that amount, $25,000 will be donated to the Town of Mount Royal Meals-on-Wheels, which delivers meals several times a week to clients who cannot meet their own needs.

The gift certificates, which are currently in production, are expected to be mailed out to recipients the week of September 7 and can then be used at their respective businesses.

“In TMR, We Buy Local!” Campaign

To support local businesses through this difficult time, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint-Laurent – Mount Royal and the Town of Mount Royal, in collaboration with Desjardins, La Ruche and the City of Montréal, created the crowdfunding campaign “In TMR, We Buy Local!” earlier this summer. For $20, citizens got a $30 gift card from one of Mount Royal’s 44 participating businesses and generated a $20 donation to Meals-on-Wheels.