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Town of Mount Royal, October 15, 2007 – Six months after going online with its new site, the Town of Mount Royal is proud of the success of its new positioning on the Web. In fact, an analysis of user frequency statistics shows that 4,700 different visitors now visit the site each month, which is the equivalent of 25% of the local population. That number is constantly on the rise.

Although this has been a far greater breakthrough than anything that had been hoped for, the focus of visitors’ attention does not come as a surprise: interactive applications are by far the most popular with Internet users and 24/7 access to certain specific types of documents has created obvious excitement.

« The interactive map is one of the most frequently used applications on the new site. Residents use it to find a park, a restaurant, a daycare. We have also received very positive feedback about our dynamic calendar. The Recreation Centre’s publications are also frequently consulted, as are the various By-laws. As a result of demand for the latter, we just added several more to our online menu and now residents can consult the entire version of the By-laws concerning construction, subdivision, tree cutting and more » points out Councillor Minh Diem Le Thi, who is responsible for the Town’s efforts in e-governance development.

Recently the Economic Development Department’s section has been climbing higher and higher on the list of monthly frequency statistics. There’s no question that adding an online bank of industrial and commercial spaces for sale or rent has a lot to do with that. The same can be said about the library, which provides Internet users with the complete list of its latest new material and offers its librarians’ hot picks.

« We have been contacted by other municipalities and organizations that would like to use our site to review theirs. The overall experience has been very positive. We now plan to further develop our site’s youth section », concluded Mrs. Le Thi.