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Mount Royal, January 28, 2014 – Based on the positive experience with the electronic sign equipped with speed sensors that was installed on Lucerne Road last year to make drivers aware of the newly lowered speed limit, the Town has placed similar signs on Dresden Avenue and Canora Road. Highly effective and easy to comprehend at a single glance, the signs are designed to raise vehicle owners’ awareness of the importance of driving safely by giving them visual feedback about their cruising speed on these urban corridors.

“At the media briefing on our lowering of the speed limit to 40 km/h on Lucerne Road last May, I stated that the safety of pedestrians and Mount Royal residents was a priority for our administration,” explains Mount Royal mayor Philippe Roy. “That remains the case. We want to enhance the safety of everyone – in particular pedestrians – who use the Town’s streets. In cooperation with the police forces, encouraging observance of the speed limit already does much to accomplish that goal. Radar speed signs are one of the tools we have at our disposal, along with things like speed bumps and designated school corridors.”

The Canora speed sign has been installed on the southbound side of the road near Franklin Avenue. On Dresden Avenue, an extension of Jean Talon Street, a similar sign faces east and another west between Clyde and Rockland roads.

As part of the ongoing effort to improve safety and calm traffic, the signs may be moved and installed on other Town streets as required.