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Mount Royal, August 24, 2010 – Subdivision By-law No. 1313 was recently amended to adjust the maximum sizes permitted for Mount Royal residences so that all new home construction or alteration meet with Town present realities.

Closely connected with prior approval of plans by the Town’s Urban Planning and Inspection Division, the amended subdivision by-law restricts the house area versus the area of the lot on which its sits and reduces the potential of oversized façades along the streets. Special attention was given to corner lots, on which new or renovated houses tend to have heavy façades, atypical of Town of Mount Royal built heritage.

In essence, the amended by-law increased from two to four the lot categories according to lot width. By limiting construction parameters according to lot width, the Town intends to control the presence of façades with massive proportions and, as a result, prohibit the construction of oversized houses, particularly following cadastral operations.

The updated by-law is in line with the Town’s sustainable development plan, which promotes green spaces.

“The new by-law not only allows the standardization of new houses but also the protection of what makes our town so beautiful, its green spaces.” stated Acting Mayor John Miller.

Following concerns repeatedly expressed by residents, Mount Royal Town Council adopted By-law 1313-3 at its August 23 regular meeting.