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Town of Mount Royal, June 20, 2008 – This summer, the Town of Mount Royal urges both residents and visitors to do the right thing, day after day, to help keep the Town’s streets, parks and other public spaces clean. According to Mayor Vera Danyluk, it’s a way to launch a campaign to keep things clean on a daily basis, in a simple and natural way, on a very human scale and with everyone pitching in.

To that end, posters will soon be set up in strategic locations to remind passers-by of certain essential but simple things to do when it comes to good citizenship and protecting the environment.

For example, it will provide an opportunity to remind dog owners of what they must do when picking up after their dog. Or to provide all residents with a trick to use, on pick-up days, to prevent the contents of their recycling bins from blowing away in the wind or to get them to take ecological action by using one of the 200 public waste receptacles located around the Town.

By directing people’s attention towards certain behaviour that would be helpful in maintaining a clean Town, Mount Royal hopes to show that simple and daily action taken by Mr. and Mrs. Average Person are just as effective as an army of Town employees and trucks assigned to maintenance.

« We are fortunate, says Mrs. Danyluk. Overall, Mount Royal is already a clean Town – a Town that is nice to live in – and a clean Town is something that everybody wants to keep. I am confident that every resident will do what he or she has to do in their case, one day at a time. »