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In order to accommodate the current distancing directives and avoid gatherings, Town Council is exceptionally asking interested residents to express their views in writing by June 12 – instead of in person - regarding the request for a minor variance at 800 De Dieppe Avenue.


On May 25, under Resolution No. 20-05-34, Town Council authorized the opportunity for any interested party to express themselves in writing on the request for minor variance concerning the front setback of a future building at 800, De Dieppe Avenue. A 15-day written consultation period would be announced by public notice on May 27.

In 2019, the two properties located at 308 and 310 Geneva Avenue were purchased by the same owner with plans to subdivide the lots to create a third facing De Dieppe Avenue.

The properties at 308 and 308 Geneva would remain conforming, both in terms of setbacks and the minimum land area required, to specification grid H-522-B of our Zoning by-law.

Existing conditions for the two lots with façades on Geneva.


The size of the existing lots makes it possible to create the new lot number 6 349 280 (unofficial cadastre) with a surface area of 892.2 square meters, with a frontage on De Dieppe.

This subdivision project is in full conformity with Subdivision By-law No. 1442, requires no authorization from Town Council and is a simple administrative procedure. The Town’s Urban Planning and Inspection Division will proceed with the delivery of the subdivision permit.

It should be noted that the new lot will be adjacent to Town of Mount Royal’s public laneway, which borders the Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough.

This new lot will be the subject of a new construction for a detached, two-storey single-family dwelling, in conformity with Zoning By-law No. 1441 for area H-522-B, except with respect to the front setback.

The project is to build the new home with a front setback of 6m rather than 10.5m as required in the grid.

New lot created 6 349 280 showing the proposed location of the future building at 6.0m instead of 10.5m.


It is the front setback of 6m on de Dieppe that is the subject of the owner's request for minor exemption.

Minor variance

In accordance with Minor Variances By-law No. 1312, Council will consider the following conditions:

1.The request for a minor variance to the Zoning by-law does not contravene the objectives of Town of Mount Royal’s urban plan.

2.The application for a construction permit for the future building complies with the other provisions of By-law No. 1441 Concerning Zoning, Subdivision By-law No. 1442, and Building By-law No. 1443.

3.A 10.5-m front setback would place the proposed project at a serious disadvantage to the owner of the property.

The Town is of the opinion that the location of the building with a front setback of 6m rather than 10.5m:

  • is in line with neighbouring buildings;
  • the positioning ensures sufficient clearance to neighbouring units;
  • the proposed front setback allows a harmonious urban integration into this residential complex.


Any interested person will be heard by Town Council by submitting their comments in writing no later than June 12, 2020.

To be eligible, a comment must be:


  • be deposited in the mail chute at Town Hall, 90 Roosevelt Avenue, Mount Royal, Attention to Town Clerk.

Alexandre Verdy

Town clerk and Director of Public Affairs

90 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z5