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Mount Royal, April 7, 2015 – Tied to one or another of the Town’s many environmental protection initiatives, Mount Royal’s Earth Day celebrations have a different focus each year, one determined by opportunities that arise. This year, the urban forest will be in the spotlight as, on April 22, a hundred young trees will be distributed to an equal number of households that request one beforehand.

The Town plans to deliver a sapling nearly 1.80 metres tall to the homes of one hundred Townies. The trees will be randomly chosen from among three species: honey-locust, serviceberry and maple. In exchange, the recipients will undertake to plant the tree in the ground at their home address and not to grow it in a decorative, above-ground pot.

In contrast to the competition that marked Earth Day during Mount Royal’s 2012 centennial, when one hundred flowering trees were the prizes in a draw with many entrants, this year’s initiative is non-competitive. The saplings will be distributed to the first one hundred residents who claim them – online or in person – between today and the registration deadline, 16:30 on April 20.

Seventy-five of the trees can be claimed online at jourdelaterrevmr-earthdaytmr.eventbrite.ca. The other twenty-five can be reserved in person at the library’s service counter (1967 Graham Boulevard) during regular opening hours. Please note that telephone calls, email messages and other forms of distance communication will not be accepted. Also, there is no need to sign up twice. The important thing is to sign up soon. The Town is limiting its initiative to one tree per address and will distribute the trees until none are left.

Employees from the Public Works Division will deliver the trees to the one hundred residential addresses. Each tree will come in a pot, be left in the recipient’s yard and be accompanied by a technical data sheet and maintenance instructions. The recipient will be responsible for planting it in the ground.