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A summer full of flavours is at our doors. Indeed, for the second year in a row, foodtrucks will be back to enhance your Thursday evenings at Connaught Park. On site from 17:00 to 21:00, they will introduce you to different types of dishes from here and abroad.

A new feature this year: a public market will also be open on Thursdays, from 15:00 to 19:00 on Moyle Road, a stone's throw from the street kitchen, with nearly twenty Quebec producers on site. 

These gourmet events will start on June 20 and will be held weekly until August 29 (except July 18, when only the public market will be present).

List of producers on site:

Bœuf Newtine (Ferme Seguin et frère)
Boulangerie Toledo
Café Latitude Zéro
Cidrerie du Minot
Ferme Le Champs Libre
Goûte-Moi Ça!
Héritage Kalamata
Les Jardins d'Arlington BIOLOGIQUE
Jenny Cajou
Marius et Fanny
L'Or de l'Italie
Petit pot du Tonnerre
Racines et Délices
Les Thés FloralTea
Traiteur Les Filles Fattoush
Les Viandes Grand Duc MR inc.
Violon et Champignon