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Mount Royal, December 8, 2008 – While waiting for construction to begin, the fence surrounding the building site of the future Tours Monatino in Mount Royal’s Town Centre has been pushed back to the property line, thus freeing up pedestrian traffic. This makes it an ideal time for residents to walk around the area freely during the Holiday season.

The Town of Mount Royal salutes this initiative of promoter Robert Mansour. While the fence will once again provide passers by with the necessary and mandatory protection while the work is being carried out, a period during which it will move back to its original location, having a fence on the sidewalk was useless during the extended wait until building is to begin.

The fence was installed in compliance with the requirements of By-law No. 1311 concerning construction, last spring, as obsolete buildings were to be demolished to make room for the new residential project and a series of standards relating to the safety of the building site were to be respected.

Once completed, the Tours Monatino will provide approximately twenty luxury condominiums in the heart of Mount Royal’s Town Centre and will be home to businesses and services in the lobby and on the first floor.