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Mount Royal, March 16, 2009 – Again this year, larges areas of the Planet will switch off their lights for an hour, this time on Saturday, March 28, to celebrate Earth Hour. Once more, the Town of Mount Royal will join in. Between 20:30 and 21:30, Town Hall and all municipal buildings free of activity will have their lights switched off in support of global sustainability initiatives.

This year is Earth Hour’s third edition. The initiative originally took place in Sydney, Australia, and is meant as a collective action for climate change. The number of participating individuals and businesses is continually growing. Coordinated by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Earth Hour will attract hundreds of cities, large and small, across the globe.

Town Council has adopted a resolution confirming the Town’s participation in the event. Council invites Mount Royal residents, organisations and companies to join in the movement by switching off their lights on Saturday, March 28, 2009 between 20:30 and 21:30. “In spite of the rather symbolic nature of the event, the message conveyed remains powerful! We know that the local community is strongly attached to environmental issues, and this is an excellent opportunity to show it.” said Philippe Roy, Town councillor assigned to Mount Royal Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Committee.

It goes without saying that the lights to be switched off by the Town will be selected so as not to compromise public safety and will not affect street lighting, for example.

To learn more about Earth Hour, please visit the event’s official Web site: http://wwf.ca/earthhour.