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Mount Royal, April 15, 2013 – This year, on the occasion of Earth Day, April 22, the Town plans to focus on the importance of sound drinking water management. That is why, in the coming weeks, all Mount Royal households will receive dye strips for detecting toilet leaks. The easy-to-use strips will let residents check whether their toilet tank is watertight and, if appropriate, have any leak they observe repaired. Besides conserving the valuable resource that is drinking water, residents who have leaks repaired are likely to save on their next water bill.

Is the loss of water through leaky toilets insignificant? Far from it, as can be seen in a water conservation quiz that will be published this week in local weekly papers and on the Town’s website. It is a perfect way for Townies to test their knowledge of the subject.

Because it fits so well with this year’s Earth Day theme, the Town wants to take advantage of the opportunity to remind residents that Water Supply By-law No. 1419, which details the periods during which lawn watering is permitted, can be read online. Residents can also acquire a rainwater harvesting tank at a special low price by dialling 514-734-4123.