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Mount Royal, June 1, 2015 – Communauto and Town of Mount Royal are proud to announce the presence of a new carsharing service point on the territory. Within the next few days, the residents will be able to use the self-service vehicles, which are available upon reservation. They will be located in the municipal parking next to the Mohawk Park, on Dumfries Road, at the corner of Dobie Avenue. In addition to this new station, the second to be opened in TMR, Communauto will be adding another vehicle at its station located at Town Hall. Townies will now be able to rely on four Communauto vehicles, located in two stations.

The opening of this new carsharing station was made possible thanks to the collaboration between the Town of Mount Royal and Communauto. The carsharing company will supply vehicles and manage all operations necessary to their use in addition to offering financial contribution to the Town for parking space usage.

"Since 2008 Communauto has been providing TMR citizens with a flexible mobility solution which is easy to combine with public transportation, biking or walking. It already allows a hundred residents to improve their mobility by maintaining a more sustainable lifestyle. Communauto is very happy to continue to develop this offer and we are very thankful to the Town of Mount Royal for its great collaboration", highlights Communauto’s development and public relations director, Marco Viviani.

"We are very proud of our association with Communauto," added Philippe Roy, Mayor of TMR. "This partnership allows citizens to choose a service that perfectly complements the use of the train in their daily public transport trips.”

About Communauto

Communauto is the oldest car sharing company in Canada, having 40 000 subscribers and offering services in Montreal and in eight cities of Quebec. The company has a fleet of 1250 vehicles, distributed in 400 stations. The company is environmental and urban oriented and works in association with the actors of the sustainable mobility.