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Mount Royal, February 27, 2012 – Mount Royal businesses now benefit from the power of a major business network, that of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint-Laurent. Its board of directors voted last Thursday at a special assembly for the development of its territory in order to serve our town’s industrial sector. Due to their geographical proximity, Saint-Laurent and Mount Royal industries share numerous realities. It is thus perfectly natural to group them for strategic purposes. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint-Laurent is therefore adding to its potential membership close to 1,100 businesses, which in turn have everything to gain in joining an organization in operation for more than 30 years and the second largest chamber of commerce in the Greater Montreal area.

We should warmly welcome the successful partnership between Saint-Laurent municipal authorities and the Roy Administration in the development of this project. The vision of Borough Mayor Alan DeSousa, especially his endorsement of the project, once again reflects Saint-Laurent’s commitment for supporting businesses. It also allows favourable outcomes to be anticipated for all concerned companies.

According to Philippe Roy, “The idea had long been nurtured but it still needed to be finalised. We agreed to opt for a collective approach of regional development, and I truly believe that we all have everything to gain in pooling our resources. Saint-Laurent has an impressive track record in business promotion, and the quality networking services provided by its chamber of commerce are notorious. The establishment of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint-Laurent─Mount Royal enables all of us to grow.”

Joining the Chamber of Commerce is on a voluntary basis. Mount Royal businesses wishing more information on the benefits of becoming members may contact Yves Gignac, Town of Mount Royal Economic Development Director at 514-734-3048 or the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint-Laurent─Mount Royal at 514-333-5222.

Website: www.ccstl.qc.ca.