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Mount Royal, March 25, 2019 – Parked along the edge of Connaught Park, food trucks were a huge garden-city success in 2018. Their presence coincided with the Mount Royal Celebrates series of outdoor shows, which contributed greatly to the trucks’ success, with an average of almost 650 transactions made per evening. The food trucks will make a return this summer, once again on Thursday evenings, for an even longer season: from June 20 to August 29 inclusive (with the exception of July 18).

Weather permitting, the food trucks will therefore return to Mount Royal for a total of ten evenings instead of eight as planned last year, with the same one-week break in July for Shakespeare in the Park, which will be held in Danyluk Park instead of Connaught Park.

In 2019, the Town is upholding its eco-friendly requirements for food trucks: all supplies, including plates and utensils, must be compostable. The same goes for its general non-competition requirements with respect to permanent restaurants in the Town Centre area, whose menus cannot, in essence, be duplicated.

New in 2019: A Public Market Joins the Weekly Soiree

This year, TMR will host a seasonal public market dedicated to agri-food and bringing together 10 to 15 producers and artisans each week on the same evening as the Town Centre food-truck event.

For this pilot project, Mount Royal is partnering with the Association des marchés publics du Québec (AMPQ) and the organization Marchés d’ici to respond to the marked increase of consumer demand, both here and elsewhere, for access to high-quality food supplied directly by producers and farmers.

Like the food trucks, the public market will be open for business on Thursdays from the mid-afternoon to the evening, from June 20 to August 29 inclusive; it will also be open on July 18, however. Alexander Rd. is being considered as a potential site.

The food trucks’ presence during Mount Royal Celebrates and the public market’s arrival reflect the Town Council’s commitment to revitalize and enliven the Town Centre core near Connaught Park.

Chantal Séguin

Division Head – Industrial and Commercial Development

20 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z4