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Town of Mount Royal, May 24, 2007 – For the next two weeks, the Reginald J.P. Dawson library will play host to a photo exhibit, the result of a joint effort between the Town and the Mount Royal Round Table on Art (TRAM). The central topic of the exhibit will be the environment. Its title is Objectif: nature, and this special event marks the imminent tabling of the Town of Mount Royal’s first Sustainable Development Plan as well as its Tree Policy, which have both been long awaited. The view of the rich theme of nature by some of our local artists thus combines with environmental concerns shared more and more by the community as a whole, in order to catch the eye of library users and to make them aware, not without panache, of the local movement to protect the environment.

Approximately twenty photographic works make up the heart of the Objectif: nature exhibit. They are the fruits of the labour of artists Lori Segall Burnett,  Aline Fortin, Barbara Handfield Barbeau, Jean Landry and Jean Vejgman.

Together, the photographs being shown marvellously illustrate all the beauty and richness of the nature that Mount Royal seeks to protect more than ever through concrete actions that can be applied to daily life, tokens of their success.

The photographs accompany a number of pieces of information and excerpts taken from the Town of Mount Royal’s new Tree Policy. Presented in the shape of panels, the passages taken from this document therefore benefit from the general attraction of the exhibit in unveiling the Town’s vision as to the care to be given to its arboricultural heritage and to post the objectives formulated to do so.

The Sustainable Development Plan and the Tree Policy both represent the fruits of many months of work by the Mount Royal Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Committee, supported by the municipal organization’s resources.

Visitors to the Reginald J.P. Dawson library, along with all Mount Royal residents, are invited to take a look at the Objectif: nature exhibit from May 25 to June 7.