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There is no such thing as a good or bad question at the Reginald J. P. Dawson Library’s Reference desk! How can I best explain sexuality to my child? How do you get over grief? How can I plan my trip to Asia? What are the effects of climate change? Where does the fear of snakes come from? How do you download an e-book? How can I find information for my school assignment on social media? How do you avoid phishing scams? How can I scare away the monsters under my bed? Why did the dinosaurs become extinct? Which plants should I choose to attract butterflies? Which novel should I read if I liked The Handmaid’s Tale? The list of possible questions, of course, is endless!

Throughout its history, the library has helped inform residents—as such, it plays a critical role in developing literacy skills. In an era of the Internet and fake news, this service is more relevant than ever. Information is more readily available from a myriad of places and resources. The library’s role is to help citizens navigate this reality and to identify the best available sources of information.  

Feel free to take advantage of this service—our qualified staff is here to help! The theme of the 21st anniversary of Quebec Public Library Week, celebrated from October 19 to 26, is Learn more at your library! Over the course of the week, various activities are planned for the whole family, starting with the event’s traditional breakfast on Saturday, October 19 from 10:00 to 11:30 A.M. And throughout the week, as usual, a world of discoveries and answers to your questions await you at the library.