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Mount Royal, December 1, 2010 – Each year, the Montreal Architectural Heritage Campaign (MAHC), which in 2010 is celebrating its 20 years of existence, presents a series of awards to exceptional properties whose quality of preservation has been deemed exemplary. The stated objective remains to encourage discovery of the amazing wealth of built heritage on Montreal Island and to increase property owners’ awareness of the importance of respectfully preserving their buildings’ original character.

Among this year’s award recipients, the house located at 1290 Caledonia Road stands out.

This sober but elegant English manor design house is noteworthy for the hierarchical balance of its constituent elements. The viewer’s eye is immediately struck by the upper section capped by a projecting gable that creates interesting geometry. The recessed front entrance draws the attention of passers-by and seems to offer a welcome. The natural stone exterior with an assembly of half-timbering over light stucco combines to form a harmonious whole.

Besides receiving the award for Mount Royal, the house was chosen to be one of the five finalists in The Gazette-Historia’s La maison coup de cœur competition.

Congratulations to the house’s owner, Judith Hardbord Bock, on receiving this prestigious award!