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Town of Mount Royal, February 24, 2020 – In a referendum held on February 16, Town of Mount Royal residents declared themselves in favour of a $27.8 million loan for the construction of a new sports and community centre. The project received the support of 57.54% or 3,173 votes and the rate of participation in this important democratic exercise was 39.1% of the 14,106 electors on the referendum list.

The Town’s population has thus expressed its preference for a new, modern, safe and accessible facility to replace the current centre, outdated and long unable to meet demand.

“The Town councillors join me in thanking all the residents who came out to vote,” said mayor Philippe Roy. “This project to build a new centre gives concrete form not only to the aspirations of the Mount Royal’s sports and community organizations but also to the hundreds of residents who shared their opinions over the years to improve on our old facilities. By voting for the new centre and its proposed financing, the Town’s population has taken a big step forward. It is finally giving itself the facilities it deserves, facilities tailored to its needs.

Motivated by the need for an up-to-date facility in the centre of the garden city, dozens of residents decided to get involved, informing others about the project, correcting various misconceptions and even encouraging residents to vote.

“Together with councillor Michelle Setlakwe, who has taken a lead role in the new centre project, these positive, committed ambassadors definitely made a difference,” mayor Roy continued. “We are indebted to them. Because of their support, this go-ahead to build the new centre is in every way a well-deserved victory in a healthy, local democracy.”

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Referendum results

The residents of Mount Royal were called upon to express their agreement or disagreement with Draft By-law No. E-1907 to Order the Construction of a Sports and Community Centre and a Loan of $27,800,000 for That Purpose.

Yes: 3 173 votes
No: 2 312 votes
Rejected ballots: 29

In total, some 5 514 citizens turned out to make their voices heard at the advance polls on February 9 and 10 and at the polls on Sunday, February 16. The turnout for the referendum amounts to 39.09 per cent.

Alain Côté

Division Head - Public Affairs

90 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z5