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What could be simpler that turning on a faucet to get some water? The act is so ordinary that it can easily lull us into taking for granted a resource that is actually very precious, even invaluable: the planet’s reserves of drinking water.   

The stakes are sufficiently high that the Quebec government has developed the Quebec Strategy for Drinking Water Conservation. This innovative plan aims, among other things, to reduce the average per capita water service production by at least 20% for all of Quebec by 2017. Such a decision by the provincial government is doubly significant in a part of the world where drinking water literally flows in torrents. 

Drawing inspiration from this shining example, Mount Royal’s Council saw an opportunity to do more at the local level to encourage the responsible use of water. That is why it adopted the new Water Supply By-law No. 1419 earlier this spring.

Protecting drinking water means avoiding waste. There’s nothing mysterious about it. Cleaning cars and patios using only a bucket and an automatic shutoff nozzle is part of the solution. Limiting the periods during which lawns can be watered is too, which is why we will now allow watering only on even-numbered days for even civic numbers and on odd-numbered days for odd civic numbers. Not melting snow and ice in the spring by spraying them with water from the hose is a matter of common sense. Protecting water is, indeed, a series of simple actions taken every day. The new by-law embodies this idea. 

For the councillors and myself, protecting water also meant reviewing the water consumption rates. Starting from a sustained desire to conserve water, we sought a way to reward residents’ good behaviour. That is why we decided to bid farewell to the notion of minimum consumption in Mount Royal. In the future, the less water residents consume, the smaller their bill will be. It’s only logical!

In adopting Water Supply By-law No. 1419, we wanted once again to help protect the environment. Encouraging the responsible use of drinking water enables us to take yet another step toward that goal.

And now it’s up to you to join us. Please check out the new By-law No. 1419, either on our website or in person at Town Hall.

Philippe Roy


90 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z5