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Mount Royal, October 14, 2014 – As a major public consultation on residential urban planning and heritage protection gets under way, Mayor Philippe Roy is encouraging all Mount Royal residents to speak openly about the aspects of these issues that matter to them. During a six-step process to take place in the coming months, Townies will have the opportunity to discuss the quality of life in and evolution of their garden city, with a specific focus on private homes and properties. At the end of this consultation process, Town Council will consider recommendations based on citizens’ contributions to the debate.

The process begins today with a general invitation to answer a telephone survey conducted by the CROP polling firm. Involving a random probability sample of 500 Mount Royal households, the ten-minute survey will be carried out in the next few days. It includes a series of questions that will help identify current trends in popular opinion, in particular attitudes toward oversized houses and the divide between progressivism and conservatism in relation to local architecture. Chosen at random by CROP, all the residents who will be approached are encouraged to take a few minutes to answer the survey.

“This first step is important,” says Mayor Roy. “Residents’ opinions are welcome, whatever they are. They will inform the subsequent discussions and enable us, from the outset, to accurately identify the most critical issues. We hope people will participate enthusiastically.”

The second step will be taken on Saturday, November 15, at a morning conference during which experts will share their views on various heritage and urban planning issues as applied to Mount Royal’s specific reality.

The third step will come two weeks later, on Saturday, November 29, when six discussions groups, one for each electoral district, will meet. Consisting of ten to fifteen selected participants representative of the district’s population, the groups will discuss on a smaller scale a variety of subjects, some of them taken from the answers to the telephone survey. The discussions will be moderated by the district’s councillor.

After the holidays, the fourth step will bring all residents together on the evening of Wednesday, January 28, for what has rightly been dubbed the Town Meeting. The event will give Townies an additional opportunity to freely express their opinions, this time in the context of a plenary assembly. For this step, the Town is encouraging – but not requiring – residents to submit a brief beforehand.

In the fifth step, experts who attended the earlier meetings as observers will draft a report that contains a series of recommendations developed in response to the issues raised during the consultation. The report will be submitted to Town Council and will serve as a basis for rewriting and consolidating the Town’s by-laws governing residential construction, demolition and renovation and the use of private property in Mount Royal.

In the sixth and final step, the orientations submitted to Council will be the subject of a public presentation intended for all residents and aimed at ensuring the complete transparency of the decision-making process.

“In 1912, Frederick Todd set out his vision of a unique urban environment, that of our garden city,” concluded Mayor Philippe Roy. “Townies have now arrived at an equally pivotal moment, one for taking stock of our progress and establishing the path to follow in the coming decades.”

In the next few days, all residents will receive an explanatory folder reminding them of the steps and dates of this important public consultation.