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Local businesses play an important role in community life. And for us Townies, that’s certainly true of our Town centre businesses. Town centre is where, among other things, we meet our neighbours and friends. Where our children gather with their classmates, just like they do in our parks. Where young mothers arrange to meet for a bite and a chat. In short, it’s clear that a dynamic town centre often says much about a community’s dynamism.

Mount Royal’s Town centre is no fewer than 50 local businesses serving area residents.

During the most recent municipal election campaign, my administration bet on the district’s stores and restaurants, most notably by making improvements to the infrastructure and urban furniture. We are delighted to note that, in the months since we took that action, a grocery store, a frozen yogurt bar and a chocolate shop have opened and that the Studio 1 fitness centre has expanded.

Your elected officials want to go even further with the experiment. Based on discussions with business owners, the Town is currently considering whether to allow summer-only terraces to be installed on public property in order to increase business in the district. Similar experiments involving the use of part of a sidewalk and, on occasion, parking spaces have been under way for several years elsewhere on the island, and the idea appears to be gaining popularity.

What do you think? As with any zoning change, a public consultation has been scheduled to discuss the issue, and you are invited to attend it. The consultation will be held on March 13, 2013, at 18:00 at Town Hall, and the Town’s elected officials are very interested in hearing what residents have to say. I hope to see you there.

Centennial Celebrations: A complete success!

As we are well into the year 2013, it is worth recalling, with a new perspective, the highly successful Centennial celebrations held throughout last year.

They primarily enjoyed success in terms of participation. Mount Royal residents’ enthusiasm exceeded our wildest expectations. Each event in our program stirred up its share of positive comments from participants.

They were also successful for the legacy that the Centennial will leave to the community. Our history book, long awaited, will be published next spring. Here is a sneak preview: It’s splendid, with superb illustrations and lots of historical footnotes from the last 100 years. Many of you will revisit, in these pages, countless memorable moments in our history. The new Centennial Place, in the centre of town, will also reflect our successes and rich past for many decades. The construction work for this new public place will begin next spring.

What’s more, the Centennial has proved to be a financial success. As an elected official, I am particularly proud that despite the scale of the festivities, they were within budget, according to the Town’s long standing accounting principles. It is important to point out the contribution of several local businesses (more than $100,000) and governments ($125,000 from Heritage Canada and $15,000 from our MNA Pierre Arcand). The Centennial celebrations, a costly venture? Far from it!

In a nutshell, these unifying, high-quality and on-budget events were highly successful, in keeping with the image of Town of Mount Royal. To all those who have contributed to this success, thank you!

Philippe Roy


90 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z5