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Let’s be frank about it: Choosing to commit as a town councillor is far from glamorous. More than for notoriety, you do it out of a desire to change things, to enhance your neighborhood. You have to work hard for the benefit of the community and generally, instead of going to parties in flashy clothes, the daily lives of town councillors rather consist in rolling out their sleeves and getting the job done. You have to imagine them scouring problematic files and fighting for challenging causes. Essentially, they should be considered as doers and with great dedication.

From this perspective, I wish to acknowledge Melpa Kamateros’ eight years of service as a councillor. She is to be congratulated for her achievements during two overwhelming terms. She has been - and still is - a great enthusiast of TMR’s architectural heritage.

Melpa has been a strong advocate for our built heritage and what makes it so special. This is why she acted as chair, or acting chair, of the Planning Advisory Committee for the last seven years. She especially concentrated on the adoption of Subdivision By-law No. 1313 in 2010, seeking to prohibit the construction of oversized houses. On this front, we owe her a great deal. Against all odds Melpa did her best to protect TMR’s unique architecture despite growing pressures by the real estate market. Melpa’s passionate efforts were no less than remarkable.

During both terms, Melpa has constantly worked on bringing together the different cultural communities. Though not widely known, Melpa is the initiator of our Multicultural Fair, which was initially a simple fall fair. Year after year, this event has been a resounding success due to the numerous participating communities and residents. Every fall in Connaught Park, a new window opens wide to the world for a day to display its wonders. What a splendid heritage!

Melpa Kamateros took her first steps as a town councillor together with me on Vera Danyluk’s team. The last few years have witnessed many successes but also battles, losses and incredible challenges for us all. The bonds that now hold us together are plenty and increasingly stronger thanks to the wonderful connection that develops within a team when challenges are met one by one.

On behalf of Council and myself, I wish to offer Melpa our sincerest thanks for her hard work and unfailing commitment for the TMR community. Melpa, my dear colleague and friend, this town has benefited tremendously from your work with Town Council.

Ευχαριστώ πολύ.

Philippe Roy


90 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z5