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Mount Royal, July 28, 2010 – In accordance with the Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities, Vera Danyluk’s term as mayor came to an end this week, as she had been unable to attend Town Council meetings for more than 90 consecutive days. The adjournment of the Council meeting on Monday marked the expiry of the period stipulated by the act.

Mrs. Danyluk’s family originally notified Town of Mount Royal of her health problems last spring. As she had already been absent from Town Hall for several months, the gravity of the situation meant that an eventual return seemed unlikely.

Mount Royal’s Town Clerk, Alexandre Verdy, is now required to notify the Commission municipale du Québec, which will conduct an official inquiry to ascertain the end of Mrs. Danyluk’s term in office. It is only upon receiving a copy of the Commission’s favourable decision that the municipality will be able to start the process leading to the holding of a by-election.

Although the outcome of the situation had become foreseeable, the Town Councillors remain saddened by this development.

Mrs. Danyluk was in her fourth term as mayor of Town of Mount Royal, the culmination of a dazzling political career and a long record of community involvement in several areas.