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The Rockland sector is on the cusp of reinventing itself. A Special Planning Program (PPU) for the Rockland sector looks into how this area should be developed in the coming decades. The document is currently the subject of a public consultation.

The PPU proposes introducing new uses for this site, including housing. It also proposes encouraging active transportation in the sector by providing residents with a quick link to the Ville-de-Mont-Royal station of the new REM or, via a proper bike path, to the Acadie metro station. 

The Rockland sector PPU also plans to create new green spaces in the area, improve traffic flow on Rockland Boulevard and eliminate outdoor parking at the current existing mall, which is a major heat island. 

Mount Royal Town Council is very excited about this vision for the future and invites you to participate in the public consultation that began on Wednesday, October 21.

Legal context

On October 19, 2020, Town Council adopted Draft By-law No. 1440-1 to amend the Planning Program No. 1440 with respect to the adoption of a Special Planning Program (PPU) for the Rockland sector.

In accordance with Order number 2020-49 issued by the Government of Québec on July 4, 2020, Town Council decided to replace the public meeting on this draft by-law with a 15-day written consultation, which was since extended to 30 days.

Read our public notice, published on October 21.

Draft By-law No. 1440-1

The object of the Draft By-law is to amend Town of Mount Royal’s Planning Program by adding a Special Planning Program (PPU) entitled “Secteur Rockland” to provide for the redevelopment of the Town’s northeast sector.

  • Read Draft By-law No. 1440-1, which was divided in two parts to accomodate its weight: part 1, part 2.
  • A Powerpoint presentation for this draft by-law can also be viewed online.
  • Consult the traffic study associated to the PPU (French only).

Bimodal consultation

By chat during a live webcast: on November 5, 2020, starting at 19:00

For one evening, Town Council will receive questions from interested residents via a live chat during a special webcast. A presentation will precede the question period. 

In writing: by November 30, 2020, at the latest  EXTENDED TO JANUARY 15, 2021.

In order once again to accommodate the current distancing directives and avoid gatherings, since October 21 interested residents can send in their comments in writing – instead of in person – regarding Draft By-law No. 1440-1 to amend the Urban Plan No. 1440 with respect to the adoption of a specific planning program for the Rockland sector. Comments may be submitted until January 15, 2021.

Although the deadline announced in the public notice was originally set to November 5 in accordance with the two weeks prescribed by the Government of Quebec, the Town of Mount Royal chooses to allow four weeks for this exercise.

To be eligible, a comment must be:


  • be dropped off in the Town Hall’s mailbox, at 90 Roosevelt Avenue, Mont-Royal for the attention of the Town Clerk.

Reflection time

The Town and its elected officials wish to reassure citizens as to what will happen next with regard to the adoption of the Rockland PPU.

Elected officials want to take time in this important undertaking, which aims to establish a vision for the future of the sector for several years to come. In accordance with the usual modus operandi of the Town during public consultations, the reflection of the members of the council, accompanied by the municipal managers and the consultants on file, will only continue after having heard the comments and concerns of the residents. Elected officials will take the time necessary to collect and study the comments received in order to be able to come back to residents with a modified or improved version, if necessary.

Alexandre Verdy

Town clerk and Director of Public Affairs

90, avenue Roosevelt

H3R 1Z5