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Imagine Town of Mount Royal 99 years ago. At the time it was nothing but cultivated fields and a few farms. A quiet place far from the city of Montreal and isolated by the natural barrier that is Mount Royal. Yet visionaries were on site. Engineers from the Canadian Northern Railway were enthusiastically working to create a model town, a garden city. The renowned landscape architect Frederick Todd was putting the final touches on forward-looking, ambitious plans.

The railway tunnel, a veritable technological feat for the time, was eventually completed. The first streets appeared. The first houses were built. The first trees were planted. Town of Mount Royal had only just been born and already one could tell it would be no ordinary suburb.

The rest of this story is well known. Ninety-nine years later, nearly 20,000 of us call this our home. Some 20,000 trees are growing where once there were only fields. More than 5,000 houses. Eight schools. Seventy parks. Around 140 streets. Nine places of worship. A dynamic industrial park. Above all, a special and highly desired living environment. The dream remains strong.

Our centennial festivities get under way in only ten months. What exactly do we want to celebrate? What should we leave to future generations as a memento of this milestone? To answer these questions, the Town intends to form a centennial celebration organizing committee made up of citizens. To that end, an information meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 27, at 19:00 in Schofield Hall in Town Hall.

I am therefore extending an invitation to all citizens who are interested in taking part in this momentous event in our community’s history. Join us! This is your town!

Philippe Roy


90 Roosevelt Avenue

Mont-Royal H3R 1Z5