• Municipal Council
  • Communiqué

Mount Royal, November 14, 2006 – The Town of Mount Royal is committed to ensure safety for all pedestrians travelling on its streets. In the next few weeks, the Town will initiate special efforts for school children walking everyday to the Town’s five primary schools. Revising signage and advanced signage was necessary for all school zones to meet standards set by the Ministère des Transports. Mount Royal has hence decided to redouble efforts and to establish school corridors around the elementary schools concerned.

School corridors are a number of streets identified as the safest route for children walking on them. To qualify as a school corridor, a route has to be considered from various perspectives, including the children’s natural tendency to use it, efficient street lighting, presence of Block Parent homes, traffic density and the safety of crosswalks, for example.

With adequate signage, school corridors will enable schoolchildren to better identify the safest routes for their travelling to and from the East and West pavilions of École Saint-Clément, Académie Saint-Clément and Carlyle and Dunrae Gardens schools. As for motorists, when informed about the existence of a school corridor, they will become more cautious and contribute even more to the safety of specially designed routes. New yellow oval-shaped signs, unmistakably different from other local signs, installed besides streets signs or at mid block will now be used to identify the selected school corridors.

The creation and implementation of Mount Royal school corridors is a partnership initiative of the Town, its elementary schools, the Montreal police department and Mount Royal Public Security, each having contributed to identifying the safest routes.

As soon as this fall, Mount Royal elementary schools will be able to distribute to their pupils a map of the school corridors they may use. They will also emphasize the precautions to take for a safe return home. To do so, the police department and Public Security will partner up with the schools in an effort for pedestrian safety awareness.