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Mount Royal, December 14, 2015 – At the Council meeting held this evening, mayor Philippe Roy presented the highlights of the 2016 budget, a stable and prudent budget forward-looking and, most importantly, resolutely pro-resident. For its part, the 2016-2017-2018 triennial capital expenditures program (TCP) amounts to nearly $60.4 million, of which slightly more than $9.2 million has been set aside for the coming year.

Totalling $84 826 700, the fiscal 2016 budget limits the increase of the tax bill for taxpayers in the residential sector to a mere 0.64%. As is the case every year, a large part of the TCP budget is devoted to the preventive maintenance of streets, sidewalks, sewers, water mains and municipal buildings, though it also includes provisions for the reconstruction of the Darnley pedestrian overpass in the industrial sector. Indeed, the care and attention focused on infrastructures remain a key aspect of Townies’ quality of life. While maintaining close and prudent control over operating expenses, the budget also announces the start or continuation of several major projects: reviewing the design of the Connaught Park, organizing a cultural summit, identifying opportunities for returning the snow melter to operation and moving ahead with planning for a new sports centre.

The Town also expects that, in 2016, the review of its urban planning by-laws will be completed, a new internal department will be created to consolidate the municipality’s management of contracts, in particular the preparation and tacking of its calls for tender, and its debt will be effectively reduced by early repayment of part of its long-term loans.

Debt remains among Mount Royal’s top priorities. The budget indicates that the expected surplus for 2016 will continue being used more to fund capital projects, pay down the long-term debt and protect the Town from unforeseen events and circumstances. A total of $1,280,000 will go to funding capital projects in 2016, thereby reducing the Town’s reliance on borrowing. Incidentally, the accumulated surplus and financial reserves total more than $21 million.

“The results of our prudent and disciplined financial management are now being seen,” said mayor Roy during his presentation of the 2016 budget. “At 0.64%, the increase announced this evening is much lower than that announced by neighbouring boroughs. Year after year, our main objectives remain the same: control the Town’s operating expenses, decrease the debt burden, encourage environmental protection whenever possible and preserve the distinctive quality of our infrastructures.”

Town of Mount Royal’s 2016 budget has a familiar theme: the prudent and far-sighted management of public funds in order to maintain a living environment that is exceptional in every way. The Roy administration intends to give taxpayers a break in the coming year without compromising in the slightest the emblematic quality of the municipality’s services.