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Mount Royal, May 16, 2011 – At this evening’s Council meeting, Mayor Philippe Roy unveiled the changes that will soon be made to Mount Royal’s water consumption regulations. This official act marks the start of the second of the three phases to update the Town’s sustainable development plan. The first phase began in April with the announcement of a new by-law protecting the trees and backyard green spaces of private homes.

As submitted this evening, Water Supply By-law No. 1419 will eliminate the concept of minimum consumption, thereby rewarding conservation by Mount Royal residents. The by-law also raises water rates from $2.20 per 1,000 gallons to $2.40 per 1,000 gallons and replaces the concept of meter rental with that of a system fee.

The scope of By-law No. 1419 is not limited to rates. The by-law is perfectly aligned with the Quebec government’s Stratégie québécoise d’économie d’eau potable (drinking water conservation strategy), which aims, among other things, to reduce the average per-capita water consumption by at least 20% across the province by 2017.

“Through this by-law and, as always, with an eye to encouraging responsible use of our resources, we are taking another look at several concepts related to water consumption,” said Philippe Roy. “The periods during which lawn watering is allowed will be reduced and the equipment permitted for washing vehicles will be limited to a bucket and an automatic shutoff nozzle. Each condo unit in Mount Royal will now be required to have its own water meter. In short, we are addressing several issues at a time.”

The Town is also using By-law No. 1419 to give itself additional powers in the event of an emergency or drought.

“We have the good fortune to live in a part of the planet where drinking water is not only available but abundant,” the mayor concluded. “But that doesn’t mean the resource is any less precious. In this area, as in several others, it is yet again up to us, as a community, to do our part to protect the environment.”