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Mount Royal, February 6, 2015 – Town of Mount Royal confirms that it has amended its urban plan in order to prepare for and assist in the revitalization of part of its industrial sector. Specifically, a multi-purpose project in the zone is currently in the planning stages. Located in the northeast section of the zone, the redevelopment project will have to meet the Town’s requirements before it can move ahead.

Real estate developer Carbonleo, the owner of the land, most of which is vacant, has expressed an interest in redeveloping it by creating a multi-purpose urban project on 20 hectares.

With that in mind, the process to amend the urban plan recently got under way. In the coming months, Town of Mount Royal will advance the process by incorporating into the urban plan a Particular Planning Program that will articulate the development vision desired for this part of the industrial sector, redefine the use of the space and put in place the criteria that will guide its redevelopment. The Particular Planning Program covers an area of nearly 70 hectares located southwest of the Décarie interchange. Once the Particular Planning Program has been adopted, the urban planning by-laws will be amended accordingly.

To that end, the members of Town Council are studying all aspects of the proposal. Public consultations will be held this spring.

“We are very enthusiastic about the project proposed by Carbonleo,” says Mount Royal mayor Philippe Roy. “The 20 hectare project fits with our desire to revitalize this part of the Town’s industrial sector. We are currently examining every facet of the project to ensure it is fully in line with our municipality’s objectives. One thing is clear: the project will create jobs and generate significant property tax revenues.”