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Mount Royal, September 25, 2012 – The notion of the family as the basic unit of a flourishing community such as ours has always been central to Town Council’s concerns. The “unofficial” importance attached to Town families became official this month, when Council approved the publication of Mount Royal’s first ever family policy at its September 24th meeting. In putting together the document, the Roy administration aimed to better understand the many realities of today’s families, to anticipate how families will change and, at the end of the process, to put in place the tools and services most likely to favour their continued enrichment of our municipality.

To reach this goal, consultations were held with various players last year, adding to Townies’ voices those of institutional partners, such as the school boards. This ensured that the portrait of Town families and the resulting strategies were both accurately reflected and the logical extension of local characteristics.

In preparing its first family policy, Town of Mount Royal received significant support from the Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés. The Programme de soutien aux politiques familiales municipales et de la démarche Municipalité amie des aînés, which provided the grants, helped guarantee that, among other things, municipal services are adapted to the changing needs of the population segment comprised by senior citizens.

Throughout the policy development process, guidance was provided by the Carrefour Action municipale et famille (CAMF), a non-profit organization created by the Ministère to support the preparation and tracking of municipal family policies across Quebec. The organization also advised the Town during its concurrent application to obtain Municipalité aime des aînés (MADA) recognition. Managed jointly, the family policy and the MADA recognition should foster a strong, intergenerational solidarity in Mount Royal.

That the family policy has been adopted while Town of Mount Royal is in the midst of its centennial celebrations is no coincidence, for it is a gesture focused on the future.